Steak Rub B.B.Q. Seasoning – 7.0 Oz.

STEAK RUB B.B.Q. SEASONING Unique mix spice made as Homemade Style. Recommended for; Steak Rub B.B.Q. Tahoon – Steak Rub B.B.Q. Seasoning makes cooking amazingly fast and easy. NO Other Spices needed for either beef or lamb steak rub meats, No Need to Marinate for long, just use the seasoning and start cooking. TIME TO PREPARE STEAK RUB IS ABOUT 30 MINUTES. Steak rub b.b.q. can be prepared and cooked at home too, by seasoning the chicken with Tahoon – Steak Rub B.B.Q. Seasoning as per recommendation and mix it well and start cooking it on grill

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